My Re-commitment to watercolor

Painting in watercolor has always been my first love.  I started with watercolor and after a dalliance with oil and acrylic, I’ve re-committed myself to the watery, transparent medium; there’s nothing quite like the jewel-like quality of watercolor.  I enrolled in an advanced watercolor course led by Braldt Bralds, a professional illustrator and notable fine artist.  The 16-week course, which is ending this month, has helped me to refocus on process not product.  It’s not about the end-product, it’s about the learning that takes place along the way. Whereas I usually work from my imagination, this course emphasized working from photographs and from life.  The process involved transferring photographic images onto watercolor paper and preparing detailed pencil sketches with a focus on creating light, dark and middle tones.  Each of the five assignments presented a different challenge; each wil be reviewed here as a series of five blog posts with a description of the assignment, the techniques used, and a summary of what worked and didn’t work.  By reviewing each assignment, I hope to reinforce the learning process for myself and offer the opportunity for others to learn from my successes and failures.  I welcome comments on each post.  


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Honeysuckle Clouds, Acrylic on canvas,

40 x 30, 2018 

Three of my works were selected to be featured in the 2020 New Mexico Magazine calendar as shown here.

Mission at Sunset, acrylic on canvas,

12 x 12

Firecracker Cactus

Acrylic on canvas, 

10 x 10, 2018 SOLD

Flower Moon 雪国

Collage, watercolor,

20 x 16, matted. See more Japanese-inspired works on my Asian Abstractions page.

Nambe Fruit Bowl on Table, oil on canvas,

24 x 18. See more on Pure Abstractions page.

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